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D&NHW smallpress is Tedd's bookbindery - specializing in handmade, one-of-a-kind sketchbooks.  Tedd strives to use archival and high-quality up-cycled materials.  In an effort to make each book a unique piece, Tedd binds his books with printed matter (which he screen and block prints himself), original artwork, and found snapshots.  Tedd cuts, scores, folds, sews, and glues all materials with his bare hands. 

D&NHW smallpress is open for commissions! 

The advantage of making each sketchbook to order is the ability to personalize each and every minute detail.  If you're an individual looking for a sketchbook with a beloved snapshot inset on the cover - Tedd can do that.  If you're a small business looking for an on-brand, small run of sketchbooks to sell in tandem with your products - Tedd can do that as well.  Tedd approaches a book commission as an artistic collaboration.

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A commission for Deep Field Aromatics, a small perfumery based in Chicago.  Tedd created 10 custom made sketchbooks featuring hand-painted patterns and found snapshots.  The design was created in collaboration with the companies perfumer.

Click here so see how Deep Field uses D&NHW books to promote their products.

A commission for a Mother's Day gift - a photo of the mother and son is inset into the cover design.
D&NHW is proud to announce that this is, in fact, a book made by Tedd for his Mom.  You could give your mother such a great gift too.  Commission Tedd to make a book for YOUR Mom too.


Q:  Is D&NHW an acryonym?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Okay, so what does D&NHW stand for then?

A:  D&NHW stands for Drunk & Naked Horse Whisperer.

Q:  How did a bookbindery come up with such an imaginative brand name?

A:  The name is derived from a memorable tale.

Q:  Could you tell me of this memorable tale?

A:  Yes.  Legend has it that there were once, in the late aughts, two good fellows who fostered a passion for bikini briefs together.  One night, after drinking late into the wee hours, our two fellows walked into the sultry summer night wearing only a skimpy pair of bikini briefs apiece.  After many a step through verdant, midnight wilderness, their eyes beheld a shocking tableau - out of the gauzy darkness, a mighty stallion materialized.  The landholder's string of horses had breached the stable, wandering in abandon.  It was left to these bikini briefed fellows to round of the string, risking toe and shin to bring order to the fields. 

And so the legend was born of The Drunk and Naked Horse Whisperer.

Q:  Wow, that is an amazing tale, how does is relate to bookbinding?

A:  Metaphors are often approximate as well as specific, as this one is.


Tedd wants to make a sketchbook just for you! 


Click the button to view available books. 

Email Tedd to purchase.

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Retail Locations:

Artpost - 718 Iredell St. Durham, NC.

Munjo Munjo - 20 E. Hargett St. Raleigh, NC.

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