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Sad vase.jpg

Eventually Empty:

A universe of contemplative terror, twinkling wonder, and existential madness lives within the belly of The Creator.

THERE WAS NOTHING.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  30"x44".
Empty Tender.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  22"x30".
Feeling Full.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  22"x30".
cauterized middle
Cauterized Middle.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  22"x30".
The Creator.  Ink on Paper.  11"x14"
living forever.jpg
Living Forever.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  11"x14".
What I Do Is What I Do.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  22"x30".
gloomy gloomy.jpg
Gloomy, Gloony.  Ink and and Gouache on Paper.  11"x 14".
shadow boxing.jpg
Shadowboxing.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  9"x12".
rabid individualism.jpg
Rabid Individualism.  Ink on Paper.  9"x12".
the same way.jpg
The Same Way.  Ink and Gouache on Paper.  11"x14".

This body of work was shown in March of 2014 at The Carrack in downtown Durham, NC. 

The show featured an installation,

"No Thing Without Nothing," composed of stenciled and painted cardboard, string, and a drawn plaster face mold. 

some thoughts from tedd on the show:

contradictions interest me.  who you believe yourself to be contradicts who your peers believe you to be.  words negate themselves when spoken for their cadence rather than their definition.  literal meaning rots into disparate fragments.  depending on who looks, the story changes; when you observe the particle it swerves down a different path.  two things existing in one place.  constructing a gridwork of meaning without a direction for the narrative to unfold.   looking out into the empty dark sky.  you see nothing, you are compelled to gaze further.  each star may be a sprawling world, or just a figment of your imagination.  there is no way to back up any claim, there is no way to prove the validity of what our eyes allow into our skulls.  there is no light that isn’t suspect. our every moment and action built upon these pieces.  our minds want patterns.  we want a coincidence to be a sign.  every part of the story comes together because our minds will it to be that way.   with each thought a new synapse builds a bridge towards a personality we construct around ourselves during our lifetimes.  then we die and it is all gone.  it’s all gone or we just move onto another realm.  we transcend to a heaven, or descend into total black.  we lay down in the ground to be eaten up or the sky opens up and we set our mortal coil down.  it depends on what your mind has convinced you of.   it all comes down to the projection within your own head.

I don’t want to tell anyone what to see when looking at my drawings.  the cloud of subjectivity is much too murky for that.  I can only point you in a direction using consistent elements of drawing.  There are themes and cues given within this body of work.  Using these navigation points you can wade through the gray area.  Wherever you end up is not my prerogative.  

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